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Shopping Cart Trick For Credit Cards

Shopping Cart Trick For Credit Cards

Are you tired of facing constant credit card rejections and unable to figure out how to fix it? Well, worry not, as we unveil the shopping cart trick for credit cards, especially for our dear millennials! In this blog post, we'll break down this incredible hack and guide you through increasing your chances at scoring a credit card without a hard pull inquiry.

What is the Shopping Cart Trick?

The shopping cart trick is essentially a method aimed at improving your chances of getting approved for a credit card without causing any hard inquiries on your credit report. A hard inquiry can have a negative impact on your credit score, as it is a record of someone checking your creditworthiness, usually when you apply for a loan, mortgage, or credit card.

Why Should You Try the Shopping Cart Trick?

There are several reasons why the shopping cart trick for credit cards is worth trying, such as:

  • Avoiding hard inquiries: The most significant advantage of this trick is that you bypass the standard hard inquiry, keeping your credit score intact.
  • Increasing credit card approval chances: Using this technique, you're likely to get pre-approved for a credit card.
  • Building credit: If you have a low credit score or no credit history, getting approved for a credit card can be an effective way to build your credit over time.
  • Securing store credit cards: This trick often works best for store credit cards, which might offer additional benefits such as exclusive discounts and promotional offers.

How to Perform the Shopping Cart Trick

To execute the shopping cart trick for credit cards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Clear your browser cookies: Before you begin, ensure that you clear your browser's cookies and cache. This step ensures a fresh start, as old data might interfere with the process.
  2. Enable pop-ups: Since the pre-approval offer usually appears in the form of a pop-up, make sure that your browser settings allow pop-ups.
  3. Shop online: Visit the website of the store where you'd like to obtain a credit card and start shopping as you normally would. Add items to your shopping cart, and when you're done, proceed to checkout.
  4. Enter partial personal information: While checking out, you'll be asked to enter your personal information. Provide all the required details, but enter only the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) if asked. This partial input signals that it's a soft inquiry and not a hard pull.
  5. Watch for the pop-up: If you're targeted for pre-approval, a pop-up will appear on your screen either during the checkout process or when you're about to exit the website. It will provide you with a pre-approved credit card offer.
  6. Apply for the card: Once the pre-approved offer appears, proceed and complete the application process, and you're likely to get approved without a hard pull on your credit report.

Shopping Cart Trick For Credit Cards Example:

Imagine you're a millennial with a lower-than-average credit score, and you've been eyeing a store credit card from a major retailer like Victoria's Secret. You decide to try the shopping cart trick for credit cards to improve your approval chances and avoid a hard inquiry.

You start by clearing your browser cookies and allowing pop-ups. You then visit the retailer's website, add items to your cart, and proceed towards checkout. While entering your personal information, you provide only the last four digits of your SSN. As you continue, a pre-approval offer pop-up appears on-screen. Excited, you go ahead and fill in the application and get approved for the credit card without a hard pull on your credit report. Success!

There you have it! The shopping cart trick for credit cards is a real-life hack that can work wonders in increasing your chances of getting your hands on a credit card while protecting your credit score. Go ahead, give it a try, and experience the thrill of outsmarting the system!

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