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I Can Barely Afford My Rent. What The Hell is Council Tax?

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Ever got to the end of the month and barely found enough money to pay your rent? Then, that annoying house mate with the shrill voice, yellow teeth and on-the-spectrum boyfriend knocks on your door and says, "have you got your money for the Council Tax?".

The little voice in your head says, "No just f*uck off", but you look outside, notice it's raining and that you have absolutely no desire to be homeless! So you open the 'weekend party accessories' pot in your Monzo app and transfer this Happiness Witch the tiny bit of money you reserved for fun. Now, what is this Council Tax crap?

I Can Barely Afford My Rent. What The Hell is Council Tax Table of Contents

What is Council Tax?

What is Council Tax Used For?

So How Much Council Tax Do I Have to Pay?

What is Council Tax?

Council Tax is a yearly tax that your Local Council charges you just for existing. You usually pay it over 10 monthly instalments and if you live alone, earn a low income or if you're a student, you might be able to get a little discount.

What is Council Tax Used For?

You're probably wondering what the Council are actually using your hard earned money for, right? Council Tax helps your local council pay for the local services that we use every day. We’re talking about:

  • Police and fire services
  • Rubbish collection
  • Libraries and education services
  • Street lighting and shared spaces like parks

So How Much Council Tax Do I Have to Pay?

It looks like there is some justice in the world! Super rich people who live in fancy houses have to pay more Council Tax than someone who lives in a tiny council flat. This is because where you live has the biggest impact on how much Council Tax you pay.

The area you live in is really important and so is the valuation of the house that you live in. The more valuable the house, the more Council Tax you pay. Simple!

Your personal circumstances also have an impact on how much Council Tax you pay, you might be able to get a little discount. This can make a huge difference.

You just need to check with your Local Authority to find out how much Council Tax you need to pay.

Now to find your Local Authority, just click one of the links below:


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