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This Idiot Said I Had a Default, Screw Him

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So what, I like buying things I can’t afford! I use my credit card for lines, clothes and buying drinks at Hackney warehouse parties. That’s what weekends are for right?

I made this way too optimistic New Years resolution to go on more road trips this year. 

First step of my genius master plan was to buy a cute little Campervan so all of my friends could jump in and escape the City every weekend.

I’d been eyeing up this vintage 1960 baby blue VW Campervan, sitting in boring Zoom meetings, daydreaming about coming up on acid whilst we floated through the Devon fields.

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Then, Reality Hit…

So, What is a Default?

Then, Reality Hit…

The event I'd been waiting for all week at Printworks got cancelled because the DJ caught COVID. 

I’ve been on the night bus with people open-air coughing and still shouting abuse so not too sure why a DJ can’t just pretend to mix, wear a mask and drop my favourite song the moment my molly kicks in.

Meh, we don’t always get what we want, so I decided it would be the perfect time to bring my semi-hippy, semi-hipster dream to life and go and buy my beautiful baby blue freedom-wagon.

Then this little greasy slick-back Asda George suit wearing mofo crushed my dreams. Five minutes of asking me the most bland questions like I was on a crappy Tinder date, only to tap tap away on his computer and tell me, “sorry mate (we are not friends, MATE), you can’t get the van on finance because you’ve got a default from T-Mobile”.

T-Mobile…I haven’t used them since I had an iPhone 5! Then remembered, maybe I forgot to pay one or two (all) of my phone bills.

So, What is a Default?

Without all the boring waffle, a default is a little mark on your credit report when you don't pay for a loan or credit bill.

It stays on your credit report for 6 years, bringing your credit score down a little and making it a bit more difficult for you to get loans and mortgages.

Baby blue VW Campervan, Jon Lenon, high as a kite rolling through the hills dreams, crushed by a man in a sweat-stained baby blue excessively starched. How f*cking ironic!


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Jermaine Hagan, also known as The Plantsman is the Founder of Flik Eco. Jermaine is the perfect hybrid of personal finance expert and nemophilist. On a mission to make personal finance simple and accessible, Jermaine uses his inside knowledge to help the average Joe, Kwame or Sarah to improve their lives. Before founding Flik Eco, Jermaine managed teams across several large financial companies, including Equifax, Admiral Plc, New Wave Capital & HSBC. He has been featured in several large publications including BBC, The Guardian & The Times.

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