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Trade Gift Cards For Amazon Credit

Trade Gift Cards For Amazon Credit

Tired of receiving gift cards you never use? Looking for a more efficient way to convert them into something more valuable and practical? You're in good company! In this Flik Eco blog post, we'll show you how to trade gift cards for Amazon credit easily and quickly. With Amazon being the one-stop-shop for virtually everything, having credit there opens up a world of convenient and exciting shopping opportunities. Ready to learn how to maximize the value of your gift cards? Let's get started!

Why Amazon Credit is More Useful Than Gift Cards

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, offering an extensive range of products at competitive prices. This means that by exchanging your gift cards for Amazon credit, you will benefit from:

  • A broader selection of products and services
  • Lower prices on many items compared to other retailers
  • Easy, hassle-free shopping experience
  • Fast shipping, including Amazon Prime benefits

Platforms to Trade Gift Cards for Amazon Credit

Rather than collecting dust in your wallet or drawer, trade your unused gift cards for Amazon credit. To get started, consider using these popular platforms:

1. Amazon's Gift Card Exchange Program

Amazon itself offers a platform for trading in your gift cards from multiple retailers. To check if your gift card is eligible, visit the Amazon Gift Card Exchange page and enter the card's information. If Amazon accepts it, you'll receive an Amazon eGift Card in exchange for your unwanted gift card. Keep in mind that the trade-in value may vary depending on the retailer and the remaining balance on the card.

2. CardCash

CardCash is a popular website that allows you to buy, sell, and trade gift cards. It offers a simple process for trading your gift cards for Amazon credit. All you need to do is enter the details of your gift card, confirm the trade-in value, and receive an Amazon eGift Card.

3. Raise

Raise is another platform where you can sell your unused gift cards for cash, or trade them for Amazon credit. Simply create an account, list your gift card for sale, and choose the Amazon credit as your preferred payout method. This way, you can often get a higher value for your gift card than by directly selling it.

4. Reddit's Gift Card Exchange

Reddit's Gift Card Exchange subreddit is a community-driven platform where people can trade their gift cards directly with other users. While it may not be as streamlined as the other services mentioned, it can still be a useful option for those who prefer to trade with other individuals. Just make sure to follow the community guidelines and take necessary precautions when trading with strangers online.

Trade Gift Cards For Amazon Credit Example:

Imagine you've received a $50 gift card to a clothing store that you rarely shop at as a birthday present. Instead of letting it go to waste, you decide to trade it for Amazon credit to purchase something you really want. Here's how it goes:

1. You visit CardCash and enter your $50 gift card details.

2. CardCash offers you a $40 Amazon eGift Card in exchange.

3. You accept the trade and receive an email with your Amazon eGift Card code.

4. You apply the code to your Amazon account and start shopping!

This way, your unwanted gift card is transformed into something practical and valuable, giving you an easier and more satisfying shopping experience on Amazon.

And that's how you can turn your unused gift cards into Amazon credit! With this newfound knowledge, you can make the most out of your gift cards, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Don't forget to share this post with your friends and family, so they too can benefit from this practical and useful tip. And while you're at it, be sure to explore the rest of our Flik Eco guides for more insightful personal finance and investing advice. Happy shopping!


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