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My House is Making Me Poor! The Secret Costs of Running a House

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Wondering why you seem to have less and less money at the end of  every month? Swimming in a mini-paddling pool of bills, electricity, Council Tax, gas, internet...?

It’s way too easy to forget that there are not only hidden costs to buying your new house, but there are also hidden costs to running & keeping your new house.

It’s important that we understand what these costs are & budget for them. What's the point in having a fancy new house but having to eat bean on toast until payday?

Screw Ikea, I Don't Need Furniture

It's so easy to forget how much we can spend on furniture as we float through the adult Disney Land aisles of Ikea, with those stupid little pencils that seem to make me poorer every time the lead tip touches the tiny slip of Ikea paper.

No one wants to have this beautiful new house & then sleep on the floor or walk into your shiny new kitchen and realise you don't have an oven to cook with. Remember that you usually have to buy everything you need for your new house, we’re talking beds, mattresses, an oven and a fridge…this all adds up!

Farrow & Ball, Dulux...Feels Like Liquid Gold to Me

Making your house look exactly like the perfect image that you have in your head can cost a lot of money…and time. Good quality paint is just not that cheap!

I'd Rather Sit In The Dark

Remember when your mother used to tell you to stop leaving the light on when you're not in the room. Yep, it's all making sense now.  Electricity, water and gas, these normally add up to be quite expensive, we’re talking about a couple hundred pounds a month.

Council Tax & Service Charge Must Be a Scam

You pay your mortgage or rent, sort out all your bills and even have a bit of money left to order Deliveroo...then you get slapped with a Council Tax & Service Charge bill, WTF!

Council Tax is charged by your local authority to maintain everyday services such as rubbish collections. If you live in an apartment, you will usually also be charged Service Charge, which helps the Property Maintenance Company keep your building looking good!

Finally An Adult, I Bought Insurance

Let's face it, sometimes bad sh*t happens. If you own your own home it's usually a good idea to get buildings and contents insurance. Floods, fires & thieves...all crap situations that can leave you worse off, insurance can cover your ass.

A good buildings and contents insurance cover usually costs anywhere from £500 to £2,500 a year depending on the deal you are getting and the home that you are living in.

Always look for the best buildings & contents insurance deals.

My Wifi Sucks, Help

Internet, TV & phone lines, These are pretty much essential to being comfortable in your new home. There are some pretty good deals out there so make sure you shop around and save your money.

How Much Does It Cost Each Month to Run a House

1-2 Bed3-4 Bed4-5 Bed
Council Tax£135£260£405
TV License£14.55£14.55£14.55
Internet, Telephone & TV£30£30£30
Monthly Total£314.55£479.55£659.55

Thanks Boris!


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