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Starting to Invest? Make 40% More Profit Using a Stocks & Shares ISA

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It's funny because everyone loves bragging about how hard they are working! The people who really make money investing work SMART. Imagine making 40% more profit investing, just by being smart.

If you are planning on investing your money in stocks and shares than a Stocks & Shares ISA is pretty much perfect for you.

Starting to Invest? Make 40% More Profit Using a Stocks & Shares ISA Table of Contents

What is a Stocks & Shares ISA?

The way it works is pretty easy, if your investments go all the way up and you make some cash, you can use your ISA allowance to pay no tax on any money you make.

There are two important things that you need to keep in mind when investing & using a Stocks & Shares ISA:

  1. Investments go up and down – you could lose money as well as make money. If you don’t understand what you’re doing, check our our Investing Section. Get clued up and then make a decision!
  2. You get less protection than normal ISA Accounts – Some Cash ISAs can protect up to £85,000 if something goes wrong, like the bank closing. Some Stocks & Shares ISAs will only protect up to £50,000 of your money. So just keep that in mind.

What Are Our Favourite Stocks & Shares ISAs?

Hargreaves Landsown

If you're looking to start investing and want to research, and actually make your own investments in stocks & shares, then Hargreaves Landsdown is one of the best trading platforms in my opinion. You can use your stocks & shares ISA allowance with HL which is a huge benefit!


I'm a big fan of Nutmeg, I started using them when I first started to invest a bit of my salary every month and just wanted to use something simple that delivered results.


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