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What is Lyfe Gold (LGOLD)? Cryptocurrency Guides for Dummies

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Cryptocurrency has the power to change the world. We feel that learning about a new coin shouldn’t be rocket science, so we’ve put together a quick crypto dummies guide to Lyfe Gold (LGOLD).

What is Lyfe Gold (LGOLD)?

Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) is an asset-based Stablecoin that is currently backed by commodities and physical assets. Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) is specifically backed by physical gold.

The aim of Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) is to create a world using the blockchain where assets can be transferred using a decentralised network, improving the transparency, efficiency and cost of commodity trading.

Each Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) token is backed by physical gold, allowing owners to exchange Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) token for fiat currency, pegged to the price of physical gold.

Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) is the first commodity backed token that has been launched in Indonesia, promising steady growth, stability and seamless global transactions.

The team behind Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) have built the cryptocurrency on the ERC20 technology network, allowing for the quick adoption and development of Lyfe Gold (LGOLD).

Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) is built on the Ethereum blockchain network.

According to the Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) team, LGOLD tokens are as good as gold. Makes you wonder why wouldn't just buy gold, right?

What is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Trading Lyfe Gold (LGOLD)?

You can currently trade Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) on Inodax one of the largest marketplaces and platforms to buy cryptocurrency in Indonesia.

Who Founded Lyfe Gold (LGOLD)?

Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) is founded by the Lyfe team based in Indonesia. They are primarily a rewards and gamification company. No information has been provided on the custodian that is meant to be holding the gold that backs Lyfe Gold (LGOLD).

What is The Current Price of Lyfe Gold (LGOLD)?

The live price of Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) today is $57.66 and it has a 24-hour trading volume of $33,433.

The fully diluted market cap of Lyfe Gold (LGOLD) is $1,153,289


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