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What is Major Protocol (MJR)? Cryptocurrency Guides for Dummies

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Cryptocurrency has the power to change the world. We feel that learning about a new coin shouldn’t be rocket science, so we’ve put together a quick crypto dummies guide to Major Protocol (MJR).

What is Major Protocol (MJR)?

Major Protocol (MJR) is a cryptocurrency built on their DeFi platform that allows users to stake, swap, mine and also trade NFTs. The aim is to bring our crypto activities into one complete platform.

Major Protocol (MJR) allows users to travel around the Major Protocol Metaverse, where they can trade NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Major Protocol (MJR) is built on the Ethereum blockchain network for scalability and speed.

The Talent Universe Team designed Major Protocol (MJR) to allow for the free transmission of digital assets, making the process simpler, easier and cheaper.

What is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Trading Major Protocol (MJR)?

The best cryptocurrency exchange for trading Major Protocol (MJR) is DigiFinex. A crypto exchange that is built to be easy to use, stable and secure.

Who Founded Major Protocol (MJR)?

Major Protocol (MJR) was founded by the Talent Universe Team and launched on the DigiFinex cryptocurrency exchange in March 2022. 

What is The Current Price of Major Protocol (MJR)?

The live price of Major Protocol (MJR) today is $0.278 and it has a 24-hour trading volume of $23,174,674.

The fully diluted market cap of Major Protocol (MJR) is $810,364,798.


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